Pueblo of Laguna

Historical photo of Laguna Pueblo

Laguna, New Mexico

Laguna Pueblo is one of 19 native pueblos in New Mexico. We are located 45 miles west of Albuquerque and we are comprised of six individual villages (Mesita, Laguna, Paguate, Paraje, Encinal and Seama). We reside within a traditional clan system with over 7,800 enrolled tribal members. We greatly value our unique native culture and tribal heritage.

Historically, the two most important factors in the development of the Pueblo of Laguna were our geographic location and accessibility. A natural gateway through Laguna was created by the mesas of western New Mexico and made Laguna a sensible and commonly used route for the Rio Grande Pueblos to travel. During the Spanish Colonial period, the route between the pueblos was maintained and later became the legendary Route 66. Laguna has been at the crossroads of commerce and the exchange of information and ideas for centuries.

We are now at the beginning of a new millennium and have begun to explore technological initiatives that will place us at the crossroads of the information superhighway. With the influx of many peoples and cultures across our reservation came new ideas. These new ideas and different ways of life brought challenges to our traditional communities as well as new opportunities. Although at times the pressures may have seemed insurmountable, the Laguna people have persevered and maintained our cultural integrity. Many of the traditions, customs and activities passed down through generations by our ancestors are still practiced here today.