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Reflecting the importance we place on the integration of the Laguna language and culture into our programs, our mission statement is expressed in our Keres language and though there is no literal translation, in English it is stated as:

"Helping People Prepare for Life's Journey"

Vision Statement

Academic excellence develops successful life-long learners by demonstrating that we:

  • Create exemplary environments that maximize staff and student satisfaction toward academic excellence
  • Are rooted in love and respect
  • Embrace our history, traditions, and culture by respecting our Laguna perspective to maximize holistic learning and bi-cultural prosperity/success
  • Recognize learning opportunities from infancy through adulthood
  • Encourage and demonstrate community support for self-sufficiency
  • Are the school of choice for Laguna students & parents
  • Are a nationally recognized educational system

What's Happening

LMS Student Council 

BIE select Laguna Elementary School for replacement for more information 
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Community Information:

March 1, 2016

Notice of Intent to Apply

To parents of Laguna Middle School students, Community Members; Laguna Pueblo

The purpose of this correspondence is to notify parents and interested community members of the intent to apply for 21st Century Grant funds through the NM Public Education Department (PED) for the next funding cycle. Laguna Middle School has been offering an after school program for the past four years and this application would continue to provide funding for continued support for this program. Parents and community members will be notified with an announcement in the TownCrier and on the LDoE website of successful funding as soon as LDoE is notified.

Questions and or comments can be directed to Mr. Tom Trujillo, LMS
Principal and Project Director at 505-552-9091 or in person at Laguna
Middle School.

Laguna Development Corporation and Employee's  "Coats for Kids"

 Dear Parents;

We are very happy to inform you that your student is bringing home a new and warm jacket just in time for winter and the holidays. This jacket is provided to all LDoE students through the generosity of the employees  and corporate offices of  Laguna Development Corporation and their "Coats for Kids" initiative. Employees of LDC donated to this initiative and LDC Corporate matched 2X every donation. Our schools and programs are greatly appreciative for this opportunity and provides another unique opportunity for students attending our LDoE tribal schools and programs. The jackets have the student's name written on the tag  in an effort to help students keep track of their jacket. Please accept this "gift" on behalf of LDC and LDoE, we look forward to seeing our students proudly displaying their school's logos on their new warm jackets this winter. Happy Holidays from the Board  and staff  of the Laguna Department of Education.

Snow Days and School Closing Procedures Due to Weather 15-16

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Community Members:

From time to time it will become necessary for the LDoE to alter school and program schedules. Alterations,delays, and/or cancellations are made utilizing multiple sources of information, which may include local andnational weather services, state and local road reports, and consultation with the LDoE transportationdepartment personnel. Please know that all decisions are reached in an effort to support the majority of students within the Pueblo of Laguna.

On days requiring an altered schedule, the LDoE will proceed with those who can "safely" make it to school"without compromising their own personal safety." Parents and guardians should decide on an individual andfamily basis whether or not it is safe to send their children to participate on altered days. The bottom line is“SAFETY!" We are a team and are more effective when everyone is safe. Parents and Guardians must make the ultimate decision as to whether or not it is safe to send their children on any given day.  (See Letter)

Scholarship Opportunities for Laguna Tribal Members- July 24, 2015

Scholarshipsare available for the 2015-2016 Academic School Year. Contact Partnersfor Success for more information about the Scholarship Program.
(Partners for Success webpage)

Community Resource Guide (CRG)- July 20, 2015

This Community Resource Guide (CRG) was compiled and developed through a collaborative effort by the staff and students of the Pueblo of Laguna and the Center for Native American Health – Institute for Indigenous Knowledge & Development at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center (CNAHIIKD) during the time period of June 2014 – April 2015
(Click here for the Guide)

Press Release- July 7, 2015

Superintendent E. David Atencio and the Laguna Department of Education are pleased to announce the hiring of two experienced educators to the positions of Executive Directors under the newly reorganized department.  These two individuals were unanimously recommended by a committee made up of six individuals representing staff, parents and community of Laguna from thirteen very qualified and interested applicants. (See Superintendent's Message)
  July 2016  
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